At this time there are no new Study Abroad Trips planned. This website will be updated and an announcement will go out to current students if/when changes occur.


"This trip was an excellent and educational experience that I'll recommend to all open-minded individuals."

-Brandon Reeves, November 2011

Need to Know

  • Passport and Visa To participate in an international travel program, U.S. citizens need either a valid passport or a receipt for proof of application for one when submitting their Study Abroad application. International students, non-U.S. residents and students traveling to a country that also requires a visa must obtain a visitor visa for their trip. DeVry University and its travel partner can help provide documentation needed to obtain a visa.
  • Student Disability Accommodations Students who wish to request accommodation for a disability or impairment should contact the Office of Student Disability Services at or upon acceptance into the Study Abroad program to initiate an accommodation request for their trip. If a student needs to request an accommodation to get through the application process, he/she should reach out to the Office of Student Disability Services as soon as the need for an accommodation is identified.
  • Health, Safety and Insurance DeVry University and its travel partner make every effort to ensure a safe and enjoyable travel program experience. The Study Abroad program cost includes a comprehensive travel health and accident insurance package that covers essential medical treatment and related expenses for illness or injury suffered while traveling, as well as costs for lost or damaged luggage. 
  • Airline Arrangements Trip costs include round-trip air accommodations from studentsí closest international airport to cities being visited. Generally, at least one transfer is required. Flight arrangements are booked by DeVryís travel partner; students may not book their own travel, customize their schedule or use personal discounts. Students departing from airports outside the continental United States may incur additional cost.
  • Housing Arrangements Housing costs are included in the Study Abroad program cost. Housing consists of double occupancy shared rooms at three-star hotels. Roommates are paired based on information provided in the acceptance/waiver packet. Every effort is made to accommodate studentsí preferences.
  • Meals and Local Travel Breakfast daily at your hotel and some group dinners Ė normally on the first and/or last nights of your trip Ė are included in the Study Abroad trip cost. Local travel in the destination country is also included in the trip cost and may consist of bus, rail, air or local public transit.
  • Code of Conduct DeVry expects mature and responsible behavior from students and strives to create and maintain an environment of social, moral and intellectual excellence. DeVry reserves the right to curtail a studentís trip or to take disciplinary action if a studentís conduct is deemed unsatisfactory. Explanations of the academic integrity policy, code of conduct, disciplinary process and grievance/appeals process are provided in the student handbook.
  • FAQs Here are some frequently asked questions about the Study Abroad program, but should you have additional questions, please email

Academic Questions

  • Q Does the Study Abroad course and trip last the full eight-week session?
    Yes, the Study Abroad blended course lasts a full session, with the travel portion typically lasting 10-14 days. Students accepted to the Study Abroad program register for the course and attend online during the first two to three weeks of the session. The travel portion of the course generally takes place within weeks four and five. Students complete the remaining weeks of the session online after returning from their travels.
  • Q Must I take the course(s) that are part of each trip?
    Yes. Students accepted to the Study Abroad program must enroll in the course(s) offered. Course(s) must be taken "for credit;" audits aren't permitted. Course grades and credit earned for Study Abroad course(s) are posted to students' transcripts.
  • Q Can I substitute another course if I've already taken the Study Abroad course being offered?
    No. You may not substitute another course for the Study Abroad experience. 
  • Q Can I enroll in an additional course during my Study Abroad session?
    The travel portion of the Study Abroad session precludes students from enrolling in an onsite course during the same session. Students may, however, enroll in an online course provided they're able to successfully meet course requirements during the Study Abroad trip, which is demanding. Students are advised to seek guidance from their student success professional or academic advisor. Keep in mind that internet access during the Study Abroad trip isnít guaranteed.
  • Q If I take only the Study Abroad course offering during one session, is my full-time status affected?
    Full-time status is calculated on a semester basis. As such, undergraduate students must enroll in a total of 12 semester credit hours (including the Study Abroad course) to maintain a full-time status. Graduate students must enroll in a total of 6 semester credit hours (including the Study Abroad course) to maintain a full-time status.
  • Q Are students immersed in discussions and coursework during the trip portion of a Study Abroad session?
    During the trip, students interact closely with professors and complete small-group assignments. Because Study Abroad students participate in many business and cultural field trips, they aren't required to make daily postings or to participate in online discussions. During the online portion of the Study Abroad session, however, students must post and participate in online discussions, as well as complete all other assignments.
  • Q Do Study Abroad course offerings change from year to year?
    We expect some past course offerings to be repeated in future sessions as well as to offer new courses and destinations. Check this website periodically to learn of Study Abroad opportunities and news.

Application Questions

  • Q What happens to my application once I submit it?
      Your application will be reviewed by a selection committee and you'll be notified whether you've been selected for the Study Abroad program or not. You'll receive a confirmation/waiver packet to complete and return it within one week. 
  • Q To whom do I submit my completed application and support documentation?
    Onsite students must submit their application, supporting essay and letters of recommendation to their student success professional. Online students must submit their materials to their academic advisor. These DeVry staff members will review the documents for completeness and eligibility. They'll then forward your application package to the local registrar to confirm there are no holds on your student record before sending the documents to the Study Abroad selection committee.
  • Q When does DeVry University need proof of a passport, and how do I provide proof?
    Since a passport is required to enter a foreign country, proof of holding a passport is required to participate in the Study Abroad program. When you submit your application, you're asked to include a photocopy or scan of your passport.
  • Q What should I include in my student statement of purpose, and how long should it be?
    This personal essay should include your rationale for participating in the Study Abroad experience as well as what you hope to gain from it. In a minimum of 100 words, it should describe how the trip will complement your overall academic and career plan and help you achieve your goals. This personal essay is used in the student selection process, so pay attention to grammar and structure, and don't worry if it's more than a page long.
  • Q What's needed with respect to my confidential references?
    The selection committee requires you to provide contact information (phone and email address) for two references. At least one reference should be a professor who's taught one of your completed courses; the other should be an administrator, or current/previous employer. Coworkers, family members and friends are not acceptable references. We will contact your references confidentially to obtain input on your ability to take on a challenging class and group-experience learning opportunity.
  • Q Am I eligible to apply for the Study Abroad program if I'm a student AND a DeVry University employee?
     Yes, any undergraduate student or graduate student enrolled in a degree program at DeVry or Keller, including employees who are students, may apply for the Study Abroad program provided they meet eligibility requirements.
  • Q What if I'm accepted to the Study Abroad program and can't go?
    Cancellation policies and penalties are noted on the Study Abroad application.
  • Q What if more students apply for a trip than can be accommodated?
    The average Study Abroad group size is 15-30 students. Depending on the nature of the course and the trip destination, DeVry University may either add a second course section for the trip or create a wait list. Wait-listed applicants are notified and accepted based on the date of initial application.

General Questions

  • Q Can I bring a spouse, friend or child on the Study Abroad trip?
    No. The trip may be attended by accepted applicants only.
  • Q How many professors or guides are part of the trip experience?
    Generally, two professors accompany students on the trip, and our travel vendor provides at least one local guide for all field trips and planned group outings.
  • Q What attire is appropriate for the Study Abroad trip?
    Study Abroad students are expected to wear professional or business casual attire for all business and cultural field trips. Students may wear more casual clothes at other times during the trip. Comfortable walking shoes are a must.
  • Q Are there luggage restrictions or recommendations?
    Pack light and plan on checking one bag, not to exceed 50 pounds. Should you choose to bring more luggage, you may have to pay additional charges to the airline. One carry-on bag is typically permitted on the airplane. Study Abroad participants are responsible for carrying their own luggage upon arrival.
  • Q How much spending money should I plan to bring?
    Because not all meals are included in the trip cost, and because you may want to buy souvenirs or incidentals, we suggest you budget $50 per day in spending money. Most travelers access local currency via ATM machines once they arrive at their destination.
  • Q Is Wi-Fi access available if I bring a laptop computer or other electronic devices?
    Most hotels have either room-accessible Wi-Fi for a small fee or free Wi-Fi access in their common areas. Local cafes may also have free Wi-Fi access. Internet access is not guaranteed; quality and speed of Wi-Fi varies greatly.
  • Q Should I bring a plug adapter for overseas travel?
    Yes. Plug adapters, available at most department stores, enable you to use foreign electrical outlets should you wish to power any electronic items you take with you.
  • Q Do I need a power converter for overseas travel?
    It depends on the country you plan to visit and the electronic device you wish to power. Many devices are already equipped for dual voltage. However, we suggest you consult the owner's manual for your electronic device and also check with an online travel site for country specific voltage standards.
  • Q Are laundry facilities available on the trip?
    You'll be made aware of local laundry facilities that may be available while on the trip should you wish to pack light and wash clothes while out of town.
  • Q Where can I get more information about financing the cost of my trip?
    The "Finances" tab on this website is a good place to start. Contact your DeVry University student finance professional for more information.
  • Q If I require an accommodation due to a disability, what do I need to do if I am selected?
    A Students with a disability should contact the Office of Student Disability Services to initiate the accommodation request process.
Phone: 877-496-9050
Fax: 630-929-9745
  • Q When should I request an ADA Accommodation Request Form?
    For an accommodation requested for the Study Abroad trip, the request process should begin as soon as possible after your acceptance into the program.  For an accommodation request to get through the application process for the program, you should reach out to the Office of Student Disability Services at or as soon as you realize that there is a need for accommodation.