At this time there are no new Study Abroad Trips planned. This website will be updated and an announcement will go out to current students if/when changes occur.


"This was a very well thought out trip. Our onsite coordinators were amazing and very patient with our group. Thank you for organizing an incredible experience."

-Mary Jo Bullock, July 2011

Financial Information

There are many forms of financial assistance available to qualified students to cover educational expenses associated with the Study Abroad program, including the Study Abroad course and program fees. Information on how financial aid and veteranís benefits may apply to the Study Abroad course and/or program fees is found below, as is payment information for students covering Study Abroad expenses on their own. For more information regarding financial aid and payment plans, please contact your local student finance professional.

Financial Aid and Veteranís Benefits

Financial Aid

  • Students who wish to use federal financial aid to help cover the cost of the Study Abroad program can apply by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at Students will also work directly with their local student finance professional to discuss additional requirements and develop a personalized financial plan. To learn more about types of financial assistance that may be available and how to apply, click here.
  • The Cost of Attendance (COA) budget for the term in which Study Abroad travel takes place will be increased to reflect the Study Abroad program fee. This allows room within the COA budget for potential increased award amounts for which students may qualify (including Federal PLUS loans).
  • For students whose financial aid doesnít cover the full cost of Study Abroad tuition and fees, the remaining balance is due in equal payments as outlined in the Study Abroad application.
  • Because financial aid may not be applied to repeated coursework, students are advised against enrolling in a Study Abroad course if the applicable degree program requirement has already been met or if the course was previously completed with a passing grade. Students should seek guidance from their local student finance professional.

Veteranís Benefits

  • Veteranís benefits are applicable to tuition and fees associated with the Study Abroad course; however, VA benefits may not be applied to the Study Abroad program fee. Students not currently using financial aid are encouraged to complete a FAFSA application to determine their eligibility for federal and state financial assistance programs that may be applied to the Study Abroad program fee.
  • With the exception of the trip portion of the Study Abroad course which is offered in person, Study Abroad courses are offered in an online format. These Study Abroad courses in their entirety are reported to the Department of Veterans Affairs as online/distance education courses during the enrollment certification process.


Schedule and Due Dates

  • Students paying full cash for the Study Abroad trip must make two payments according to the schedule outlined in their application. Typically the first payment is due 90 days prior to the first day of the trip, and the second payment is due 45 days prior.
  • Standard monthly billing statements wonít include the specific due date for the Study Abroad payment; therefore, students should adhere to the schedule outlined in their application.
  • Costs associated with tuition, course materials and any applicable student service charges will be posted according to the standard schedule.
  • Students with any delinquent payments risk involuntary trip cancellation and the ability to participate in the trip.

Payment Processing

  • Payments can be made via the Student Portal by first clicking on the Finances tab, and then, within the Student Account section, clicking on "Make A Payment."
  • Students who make a payment before the Study Abroad fee posts to their account should update their Hold Cash authorization to ensure the payment is held for application to the fee. This option can be accessed by first clicking on the Finances tab, and then, within the Student Account section, clicking on "Manage Account Authorizations."